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A newsletter is a useful -- and necessary -- communication tool for co-ops and condos. When shareholders and unit owners are kept informed and aware, the board can spend less time explaining and more time governing.

Putting together an attractive and effective newsletter is no easy task. It requires know-how, determination -- and a fair amount of time. Boards that meet this task should be commended for their effort, and that is the purpose of this new section of the CNYC Website.

Below are sample issues of co-op and condo newsletters sent in by CNYC members. Click on the images of each newsletter below to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF version, suitable for printing.

If you would like to have your building's newsletter included in the gallery, please send a PDF version by email to

If you attended the workshop, "COMMUNICATING WITH SHAREHOLDERS/UNIT OWNERS" at the 29th Annual Housing Conference, and you did not receive the packet of sample newsletters, please click to download them in PDF format.

250 Cabrini Board News

"250 Cabrini Board News is published quarterly. Articles (and witty headings!) are written by co-op board members. We've gotten great feedback from residents."

Laurie Douglas
Corresponding Secretary
Newsletter Designer
Board of Directors
250 Cabrini Blvd.

Down by the Riverside

"Down By The Riverside"
Official Newsletter for Residents of West Village Houses & WVH Housing Development Fund Corporation
Andrew Leonard, Editor

200 East 16th Street Quarterly

"Thought you might enjoy our newsletter."

Michael Soccio
Board President
Hampton Court
Kew Gardens, NY

200 East 16th Street Quarterly

"We just had our co-op newsletter (and website) redesigned. We are so happy with the final outcome, we decided to send a copy for your Newsletter Gallery. We received both inspiration and insight from your fine online examples."

Stanley Kessler
8020 Website Administrator

200 East 16th Street Quarterly

"We have a very talented and hard working board this year and they have redesigned our newsletter, the Quarterly and our website,"

Lisa Overton, Board President
200 East 16th Street Housing Corp.

155 East 49th Street "Our very first newsletter was launched this year for our building."

Beth Decker
Board of Directors
155 East 49th Street Corporation
East 37th Street Apartments Corporation

Chock full of information, quick and easy to read.

104 East 37th Street


East 37th Street Apartments Corporation

We have been sending out monthly newsletters since 200when I became President.

Joni Slavitt
Board President
Park Royal Owners, Inc.





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